WDS History

Established 1966

The Weekday School has been a mission arm of First Presbyterian Church since 1966. Early childhood education being a relatively new undertaking at the time, it was groundbreaking for the church to support such an endeavor, fully and passionately in our community. Over half a century later, the heart of the Weekday School is still beating strong!

The visionaries of First Presbyterian Church built something that has served over 5,000 children and families during the five-plus decades and will serve many more in years to come!

Our Program

Originally, the WDS had classes only for three-and four-year olds - as well as kindergarten until the early 1980's. Over the years parents requested consideration for of twos, then toddlers and finally in 2008, the Baby Class was added. In 2008, the WDS began having weekly chapel for our students. Dedicated music and art teachers were added. While the WDS has evolved through the years, its mission to provide a loving Christian learning environment remain unchanged.

Throughout the years many people have been instrumental in opening the Weekday School doors in 1966. They all had a great love of children and a shared vision that led to the school's launching and thriving. Additionally, many teachers who have served through the years have had a lasting impact on children. Mrs. Molly Rice was instrumental in the formation of the Weekday School and served as its director during it's initial (1966 -1967) year. Since then, four women have directed the Weekday School.

Mrs. Nancy Patterson

WDS Director


Mrs. Ann Jones

WDS Director


Mrs. Lu Ann Perri

WDS Director


Mrs. Elaine Johnson

WDS Director

2008 - Present

Our Future

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the world, the WDS has detailed and conservative protocols developed to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. We have been truly blessed to continue safe, in-person instruction throughout the pandemic.

Though our calendar of activities and events has been altered, First Presbyterian Weekday School nevertheless remains an ongoing, daily, visible testimony of FPC's long-term commitment to outreach into the community in a way that changes and enriches the lives of its children and families.